Sigrid de Kaste

Hi I’m Sigrid de Kaste, Personal Business Trainer, and I have the tools you need to Shape Up your Business Performance, Profits, Sales and Staff…just like I did in my own Businesses, where I doubled and tripled Turnover in just under 12 months….

I have experienced first-hand the daily challenges on the road to build a business, lead staff, make sales and make time to have a life….and I managed to do it time after time….and so can you!

How can I be so sure?

….because I’ve recorded my personal, practical, hands-on experience in how to make sure and measure Marketing that works, overcoming the

Top 4 Performance Killers in every Business:

  • Lack of understanding Growth comes from Marketing
  • No measuring, monitoring, comparing or quantifying Marketing results
  • Not having a detailed, strategic Marketing Plan with specific performance growth expectations
  • Not knowing how to set appropriate, specific Business and Marketing Goals

….and in my High Energy Business Building Formula I give you the Solutions!

Let me give you a brief overview of my journey:

When I bought a number of my own businesses my experience and study of a Marketing Diploma helped me to quickly double and triple the turnover. The Retail and Manufacturing Jewellery Store I owned stands out, it presented every challenge a business owner can think of… so I recorded my success formula.

Working with businesses from a variety of Industries over the past years, I have created many Specific Packages and am able to help small Businesses market themselves successfully in their Industry.

If you or someone you know in small business is wondering:

How to find loyal and motivated staff to make more sales without constant supervision so you can take time off, which is why you went into business in the first place, isn’t it?

Then this is for YOU:

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One of the biggest complaints of many business owners is that they cannot find qualified, competent staff.

  • However, to benefit from an effective team, is not just about hiring the right people but more so about the owner becoming qualified to employ them. Knowing the secret to this brings the sales and increase in profits on a daily basis.


  • When you understand people and their behaviour you will understand the process of Marketing and your sales are ready to skyrocket. Not only that, suddenly there is time to pursue Business Development more effectively as well as time to spend on leisure activities


  • And because Marketing has so many facets, there is the traditional and the online element and each area offers a multitude of specialised segments such as: How to effectively use LinkedIn, or Facebook, e-mail Marketing and many, many more, I constantly add knowledge and select a team of experts in such areas to combine our strengths and offer the best there is to help business owners achieve the success they are looking for.

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