Referral Formula

8 Step Referral Formula




Nearly every Business Owner prides themselves about getting a lot of Business by Word of Mouth yet hardly anyone has a plan in place

…and it’s so easy:

1. Ask at the Right Time

When you’ve given great service and the customer is happy….Ask for a referral…right there and then…with the right words you’ll get it immediately

2. Use Referral Cards

Create Referral Cards…can simply be the back of your business card with an easy offer for both, the referrer and the referred

3. Give a Gift to pass on

Provide a little gift yoru customer can pass on when referring you…like a free report or overview to download online

4. Special Events for Special Customers

Hold a Special Event and asks them to bring a friend …or many….and reward them. Fantastic and still very popular way of getting new clients

5. Endorsement Letters

Endorsement letters or emails are super successful…a client telling their clients about how great you are…couldn’t be more powerful

6. Get the Competition to Refer You

Competitors don’t always have everything you have, get them to refer to you for what they don’t deliver

7. Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures with complementary businesses can bring you loads of referrals…and a great way to work with others

8. Pro Active Networking

And finally…for today at least…Pro Active Networking…that means prepare for your networking and have a clear outcome in mind…great way to use your Goal Setting Skills to achieve powerful outcomes

There you have it….High Energy Motivational Marketing Made Easy…the 8 Step Referral Formula

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