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10 Step Marketing Success Formula


Whatever Industry you are in, you know that without clients and customers and without sales you have no business. With no business, you have no lifestyle and no freedom.  And nothing has the power to attract more clients and customers and sales to your business faster than using MULTIPLE Marketing and Measuring Strategies.

So let’s start by answering: How do I get Clients and Customers?

…before you do ANYTHING else in your Business…take a close look at these 5 Crucial Questions and make the time to answer each one in detail:

1. Who do you want as your client/customer?

Yes, you get to choose…in fact you MUST choose. Choosing a particular type of client/customer is the SECRET to successfully attracting them….and the more detailed and clear you describe your client the easier it will be for you to make your Marketing hit the Mark…you’ll find more detail in the 10 Step Formula

 2. What is your chosen client’s/ customer’s biggest Fear or Frustration?

Once you’ve selected who you wish to promote your product or service to, research in detail what it is they most have a challenge with in what you offer. The media. online, magazines all will give you some great insights into this.  

3. Take a close look at your Product or Service and design it to be the Solution

Once you are clear on who your client/customer is and you know clearly what their biggest fear or frustration is, work out how you can be the business who offers the solution. Think about it…if you offer the solution…you will be the ONLY choice for your chosen client!!  

4. Find Out Where your chosen clients/customers “hang out”

This means research again. Once you have a profile with all the details about your chosen client or customer…in marketing language: your target market, research where they most “hang out”. Let’s say  you’re a photographer and want to “target” brides to be. Where would be all the places brides to be would be looking for things they need for their wedding? Make a list of every place you can think of.

5. Write your Solution in the words your chosen clients/customers would use

The secret to make your message stand out from your competitors is to make sure you know and use for all your promotions exactly the language your “target market” would use. Just like the words “target market” and market segmentation are the specific language of Marketers, in order to connect with clients I am advised to use words like “chosen clients” and “niche”, terms more commonly used by business owners.

Follow above 5 Steps before you embark on the next part

Your 10 Step Marketing Success Formula

When most Business Owners hear the word “Marketing” they think of Advertising, a Logo Design mostly meaningful to themselves, having a Website and perhaps being on Facebook, because someone said so.

And when it comes to Measuring, it seems just too hard!

I am here to say that Marketing and Measuring, the Right Communication and a Clear Direction are the Corner Stones of every Business.  Being able to see measured results immediately avoids making costly mistakes over and over again. Marketing is about running a profitable business with plenty of cash flow and plenty of competent staff so you can take time off when you wish…and the way to get there is by having your clear direction and knowing how to communicate what you do to your clients and customers

So let me take you step by step through the 10 Step Formula……and along the way point out where you can find virtually instant sales you probably have not thought about!

Step 1 – Where do you start?

There are 7 incredibly powerful Turnover Drivers in every Business.

These are the core areas which grow a business and their relationship is shown graphically above. If you increase each of these Turnover Drivers by only 5% your total Turnover will show a staggering increase of nearly 41%!

Yet 5% growth in itself is very easily achievable.

However, you need to first measure your Turnover Drivers:

  • How do your customers find you?
  • How many enquiries convert to sales?
  • How many customers are repeat customers?
  • How many total customers do you currently have?
  • How much does each customer spend with you on average in any one transaction?
  • How many times a year does that customer come back to you for more purchases?
  • How much can you increase the sale price by? (Simply by not discounting?)
  • How can you decrease costs?
      • Of stock?
      • Of running the business?

For everything you do in your business, collect and record the data.

Checking your businesses’ figures will allow you to see where you can start improving and by how much. Start with the worst performing Driver first.

Instant Sales: Let all your customers know TODAY everything you can offer them…they probably do not know the full range of products and services you offer….tell them in person…over the phone or when you or your staff visit them…and watch sales come in!

Step 2 – How do you know what your customers want?

Choose who you want as your customers!

Marketing is all about building a bridge between your business, the products and services you offer and your potential customers.  You first must know who you are selling to.

Choosing a particular group of clients/customers – your target market- allows you to research them in detail therefore know what they are looking for

As to your target market, there can be several segments, or groups, of Buyers with different preferences and behaviours.

Define this and create a Profile of your target markets. Eg in my Office Supplies Business I had a customer group who were only interested in low priced items therefore bought in bulk. Some were loyal to us because of the Technical Drawing Instruments we supplied and another group ordered from us because of our FREE and FAST delivery service

Separating these groups of customers allowed me to be very specific in my advertising and therefore message to these buyers

You also need to understand that your potential customers use a step by step process to find the products and services you offer. Every segment or group, of your target market will be looking for a different solution. To get access to your potential customers you need to understand how, when and where they are looking to fulfil their desires.

Those are the areas you can tap into to attract your customers’ attention.

And be sure to know, customers look for who you are and what you offer online long before they come and visit your store. If you can’t be found online or do not display the information they are looking for, they will not come!

Instant Sales: by knowing as much as possible about your customers and what exactly they are looking for you can create the message that will instantly convert them , specially online, and contact you, giving you the opportunity to make the conversion to sales

Step 3 – How can you get customers to see you as their best choice?

Defining your Point of Difference or USP (unique selling proposition) is one of the fundamentals of Marketing.

Unfortunately, most business owners do not understand how to find this vital piece of information and use it to their advantage. Great customer service, long years of experience, and a long list of qualifications, expressed in these words, are of no interest to your customer.

What can you do for your customer that your competition is NOT doing?

Which Pain or Gain can you help your customers with?

A great way to find out what your customers want is to conduct a customer survey.  But you must ask the right questions. Your business is about your customers and what they want.

Find the deeper reason, the emotion, behind your customer’s choice of product or service.

Instant Sales: by knowing as much as possible about your customers and what exactly they are looking for you can create the message that will instantly convert them , specially online, and contact you, giving you the opportunity to make the conversion to sales


Step 4 – Where are your customers looking for you?

Your customers no longer pick up the Yellow Pages to find you… they go directly to Google and type in your business name if they know it or search for you generically by location. Either way, if they can’t find out what they’re looking for, your competitor who is more visible will get the business.

Marketing in today’s world includes getting your Business Online, but you must also understand what your customers are searching for.

Which words are they using to find your product or service online? Check back in Step 2 and do your customer research, segment your customers into groups, defining what exactly they come to you for.

Find the keywords each group is using and create a specific Online Presence for each target market segment. This means specific targeted landing pages with a direct response message and several points of contact for each customer group online.

Social Media and Blog Sites are free and an integral part for a business to be seen on. They help drive search traffic (potential customers) to your product or service. Make sure you add an appropriate conversion strategy to your customer contact methods.

Instant Sales: no matter what you might have heard, email marketing brings in instant sales…the secret is to regularly and consistently by in touch with your clients and customers and to make your contact emails very short with just ONE offer in the email and if you send the emails targeted eg industry specific, you will be even more successful

Step 5 – How much Marketing do I have to do?

The Parthenon Picture visualizes how Promotional activities help build your business.

Think of each individual Promotional strategy that attracts either clients or revenue, as a Pillar supporting your Business.

Generally speaking, most businesses only have one or two ways of generating revenue i.e. one or two ‘pillars’ in place.

That is usually Word of Mouth and Advertising.

What happens if one of those strategies stops working?

Strength is in numbers. The more income producing activities you can build, the better the business runs and is capable of growing. And do them actively on a regular basis.

For example, set up your word of mouth strategy into a measurable referral plan, add email marketing, data from the US on the effectiveness of email marketing shows that it gets twice the ROI of any other internet marketing strategy returning on average $43.62 for every $1 spent

Customers also respond well to SMS marketing and targeted invitation marketing as well as targeted special event marketing.

Do as much Marketing as you can think of, but do it targeted and to a plan.

Instant Sales: I have set up SMS marketing with a number of clients, for one Fish and Chips Shop it was so successful, they now use it every Friday to add sales for the week!




Step 6 – What really is “Great Customer Service”?

The old saying:  ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression’ stands true, today even more so with so much more competition in the market.

Have you ever phoned or visited a business and been treated so poorly that you’d never consider doing business with them again?  The same applies with online contacts. You send an enquiry and hear nothing.

Or you’ve made the purchase and never hear from the business again. And just as bad: you’ve made the purchase and are bombarded with almost daily specials instead of relationship building contact.

According to surveys done, price isn’t as important as you may think. Only 15 % of customers change because of price. However, a massive 68% of customers leave because of perceived indifference displayed by the business. To find the right balance of customer contact will depend on your target market.

Social Media Marketing is a fantastic way of being in contact with your customers without constantly “selling” to them. Social Media Marketing is about forming long term customer relationships.

Don’t believe in Social Media? See the latest statistics (It’s worth waiting for the video to load)

Step 7 – How do you make your Advertising “Hit the Mark”?

Small business seem to have trouble making their Advertising pay for itself and that’s online and offline

“Kodak sells film, but they don’t advertise film. They advertise memories” Theodore Levitt

That is the reason why small businesses have trouble with Advertising. Your customer wants benefits, not the product. It is what the product or service can do for them that is important to them. This is also extremely important when setting up your Website, Online Presence and Online Advertising. Online competition is Global and you need to be very specific in what it is you are offering to your customers.

And where better to catch the buyer’s attention than in the headline?

Putting your name and Logo in the headline or at the top of a website does not capture your potential customers….. they are looking for a benefit. Put the benefit into the headline in every form of Advertising you do with a strong, clear and easy to follow call to action in the body copy

Be aware of this:

People buy for fear of something happening or not happening or to gain something like looking more beautiful for a reason.

Look back at Step 2 and be sure to know who your customers are, that will tell you what they desire on which you can base your advertising headlines, slogans and any other promotional material.

In the body copy use emotive words and phrases, keep it simple and very specific to one target market segment at a time. The most effective way to do this is with a video.

Instant Sales: using the right wording, online and offline, is called: Direct Response Marketing….as it says, it’s designed to get a direct response…sales….and to do this well you may be advised to hire a professional to get instant sales


Step 8 – How do you get your Customers to work for you?

Most business owners rely heavily on word of mouth for new business, yet, hardly anyone has a system in place to control this area of growth.

Of course, if you want your customers to give referrals, you must first provide exceptional service. Then be pro-active and ask for referrals when the customer is happy with your goods or service.

Sending surprise gifts, saying thank you in writing and offering rewards are all great ways to get more referrals more consistently. And, be consistent in doing this, particularly if one strategy works exceptionally well – keep using it.

Getting referrals from your online sources is actually even easier. Focus your online activities on creating relationships. Use video to bring your message across and make offers to your list asking them to send your offer to their friends and relatives. Viral Marketing is exceptionally powerful with video.

Instant Sales: add new Marketing “Pillars” regularly and in a targeted way …never stop Marketing, specially in tough times….be the one still visible to your clients and customers and you will be the one making the sales


Step 9 – How do I find more Time?

Are You like the White Rabbit from ‘Alice in Wonderland’?

Never enough time in the day to get everything done? Time Management is relatively simple yet many people have great trouble implementing it.

The fact is that goal setting works!

And its implementation has a direct influence on how motivated your staff are. Research studies have shown a direct link between goals and enhanced performance in both sports and business.

Earl Nightingale put it this way, “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.”

You are the leader and should know where the business is heading.

Make it clear, define the timeframe, involve your Team and set realistic outcomes for them to achieve.

It’s as simple as that.

Your Team is your biggest asset so select it well. Combine the most suitable personalities and tailor the tasks to the right personality to achieve a motivated Dream Team.

When you get the right team in place, set up the appropriate reporting system so you can be sure the tasks you allocate are carried out.

My step by step staff management process is recorded in detail here:

Step 10 – How do I put all this in place?

Being a success doesn’t mean becoming a slave to your business.

Every new Pillar in your Parthenon,

(your revenue creating promotional strategy),

is about putting systems and processes in place

to build your business to be a re-creatable model.

The business should provide consistent value to your customers, employees, suppliers and yourself.

How do the best get to the top?

By modelling and asking those who have already done it, for help.  Get the best coach, teacher or mentor to show you how to achieve success.

The race is on! I wish for you to be the first……

Good Luck!

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