The Business Plan

Don’t wish for your Business to grow…
Don’t wait for your Business to grow…


Join me for 30 days on this Action Packed

Adventure and Discover the MAGIC of

creating Your Virtually Instant Sales

Business Plan 

“Sigrid asks all the questions I never thought of asking myself, now I have a Clear Direction and Marketing Plan.”

“… absolutely changed my thinking in just moments.”

“The Planning Session IS AMAZING.”

  • Are you Perplexed about Marketing?
  • Frustrated that Competitors are getting the Sales?
  • Know you need to change your Approach?
  • Are not Clear on where to spend your Marketing Dollars?
  • Don’t know if Social Media is right for you?
  • Hear about Marketing Strategies but don’t know them?
  • Have a Website that doesn’t get you contacts?
  • Need a Website but don’t know what to get?
  • Spent money on flyers that don’t work?
  • Are new in Business and feel STUCK?
  • Are thinking of starting a Business but don’t know how?
  • Face Challenges with your Staff?
  • Blame the Economy for the rocky time you’re having?


If You are struggling to come up with Solutions

to the Challenges in Your Business

….or trying to figure out what You have to do in order to get

what You want….check out this Video for

5 Easy Steps to a Do-It-Yourself Start….


… but if you are ready to Kick Start Your Business …then…

  It’s time to give up guesswork and know what seems like a secret…

In this Breakthrough Planning Adventure tough questions are asked until you find answers you never thought possible …

Not because you’ll never be able to discover that information.

But because you already have it!

It’s a matter of someone else asking you the right questions in order for you to access your solutions

Join me for 30 days on this Action Packed Adventure and you will find out exactly:

  • What Marketing is right for you
  • How to get the Sales and not leave them to the Competition
  • Find out how to change your Approach
  • Become Clear on where to spend your Marketing Dollars
  • Discover which Social Media is right for you
  • Hear about the latest Marketing Strategies
  • Discover how to attract contacts with your Website
  • Amaze yourself that you know what you really need
  • Create a Marketing Budget Plan
  • Find the next Step to take in your new Business
  • Get Clarity on where to start with your Business
  • Discover the Secret to great Staff
  • Find there is NOTHING to blame when you have a plan!

All this and more, for only $335 …jump on board NOW:

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