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5 thoughts on “Will the Taxman Target You…

  • admin Post author

    Hi Caroline,
    thanks for your question.

    Target Market is the group of people a business would be “selling” to and therefore “targeting” with advertising and promotions. Target Market to a Mechanic would be all people with a car that needs repairing….however creating a message for that broad description of a target market will NOT get a response – meaning no sales
    It is critical to be specific in your selection of target market such as all people in a 25km radius of the business who wish to have their car repaired within 24hours or less
    Being specific in selecting your target market allows for a specific marketing message and therefore will get you customers and sales
    USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition which is directly related to your selection of a target market The USP is the specific point of difference you can communicate in your marketing message.
    So for the mechanic in the example above it might be that when researching his target market he finds the biggest issue for people wanting car repairs is that they are left without transport. The USP might then be written to incorporate a statement about offering a to and back from work transport service for all repairs done.

    • Veronica

      Out of the top 5 fears and frustrations I can clearly identify my two:

      1. How to find clients, If I know how to find clients, I will get regular work and repeat sales
      2. How to highlight the benefits of what I do (in other words, how to make my clients see/feel/experience the value of my services and knowledge)

      I know I need to identify my target market and I need to sit and make my perfect/ideal client list.

  • Sigrid Post author

    Getting new customers and clients certainly seems to be what a lot of business owners are looking for this year
    When the survey closes in a week’s time, I’ll share what can be done to find more customers and clients